Technology Innovate

  • The manuscript submissions are open till 1st December, 2020. You can submit your manuscripts

  • The manuscripts will be judged on the basis of the following:

    • Potential real world use & adoption by the industry of the research paper
    • Innovative technical approaches
    • Innovative healthcare applications
    • Number of citations in one year
    • Judges have international coverage of their research papers, talks, books & work. They are selected based on their career paths.
    • Judges have worked in the industry providing technology & medical solutions to fortune 100 clients
    • Judges serve on the prestigious journals such as Blockchain for Healthcare Today, Telemedicine for Healthcare Today etc.
    • Judges have built innovative solutions for social good.
  • We are very focused in terms of innovation in healthcare using blockchain for now. For the future, when we widen our scope in terms of other technologies for healthcare, we will notify you.

  • The detailed guidelines for the authors are enlisted here

If any questions contact us